Fashion lesson

We as parents learn something new every now and then. Today was definitely one of those days….

Normally Vega is never fussy nor choosy about clothes. She agrees and cooperates with anything I choose. Although she has quite a few frocks I dress her in leggings or pants as they are convenient for her to slide in park slide OR run about in a mall. While I was searching for a pair of T-shirt and legging my grandmother dressed her in a nice frock. While she was helping her out I mentioned that I would rather make her wear a pant instead of this but since we could not find it we shall go ahead with this. Vega heard me and looked around. She found her jeans and insisted that she wears that. I agreed and helped her with that. I asked her to the changed the frock and wear a top but she refused. She cried and didn’t allow me. I explained her a couple of times that jeans are paired with T-shirts and not with frocks and kept insisting. She was crying relentlessly.

I am glad she didn’t turn around and ask me “Amma what’s wrong with this combination? How do you call it wrong? Who says Jeans can be paired with a T-shirt only?

I did ask myself those and stopped myself. It made me wonder how stereotyped we become and how we insist that the child follows what we follow (without challenging it).

Once I gave in, I looked at her. She was happy and delighted. She may have chosen it because she loved the colors or she was just too tired and bored to change again or she just wanted to do it because she heard me say it. Irrespective of the reasons the combination looked perfect. I ain’t any fashion expert but a frock looks cool with a pain of jeans.

My biggest lesson was not to force a style on a child because that’s what you know or you have been told. If you are right you will always have logical Or rational answer to it. You can’t find one then it’s best to leave it as it is. 😂😂😂😂


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