Angel Anne

This isnt a recent event but has been in my mind to share for quite some time now. The post is about how you are always surrounded by guardian angels who shower you with unconditional love no matter where you are or who you are. I have been blessed on many occasions to meet some wonderful people who have been there for me at the most unexpected times and Anne is one such lady and today I want to write about her.

Three years ago we lived in UK in the city of Exeter. I conceived Vega there and until my 32nd week I spent all my pregnancy phase in the same city. Near my workplace there was a big Sainsburys super market (with a cafe) and I would usually wait for Varun to pick me up from there once I finish mine. In all regards it was easy for him to pick me up from there and for me to enjoy some peaceful moments with a cup of tea and tea cake. Since this became a frequent thing I befriended quite a few waitresses out there who were very very kind to me. They would see me waiting for short or long periods and cone over for a quick chat and talk about how I fare.

I loved this environment especially after a tiring long day at work. This was one place where I could unwind, relax, have my favourite tea served the way I like (teapot, milk pot and cup), indulge in the best ever tea cake with generous butter.

Among the cafe team there was this one particular lady who I was very fond off. Although I always looked at her from a distance and possibly stared a few times I never mustered courage to just speak to her. The reason why I was so drawn to her was her resemblance to my late grandmother. The lady was English but still you could just feel that connection what you would with your grandmother. I felt so peaceful just looking at her. She had the prettiest smile and Inspite of old age and tiring job she was always smiling and Chirping about.

As my tummy grew bigger and it became obvious that I was pregnant all the ladies would regularly enquire especially Anne. Once my office timings changed and her shifts changed we saw very little of each other. So one occasion I saw her was just before they check the gender of the baby. I had met her few days before I was due for check up and after that I totally forgot about it.

So I went nearly few weeks post that check up and she saw me settling into a table. She came running towards me and excitedly asked What is it ? What is it?. I answered like a silly gal that I asked for tea and tea cake. She said “No No. Is it a boy or a Girl? “.. I smiled and said “A girl “.. She winked at me and said “One moment, I will be right back”. She rushed into the kitchen and came back with little package in few minutes. She gave it to me and said its for the baby and she was waiting to decide which to give based on the results I tell her.

She gave me a cute little hand knitted cardigan made by her in soft baby pink color. I was so stunned and shocked as no one had showed so much love like family to us like she did. I broke down and gave her a big hug and said I can’t thank her enough. I am glad that the first gift for Vega came from her. I confessed to her that I always looked at her and thought it was my grandmother looking out for me and this happens. I felt like it was my own grandmother sending me her blessing in the form of Anne. Her excitement and that innocent smile and sparkle in the eye is still vivid to me. She had kept this carefully in her kitchen locker hoping I would turn up one day and she can give it to me. What if I had never turned up? What if I had moved to a different city? What made me cry more was that she made it for me and had been waiting eagerly to give it to me, a complete stranger who she didn’t even know by name.

This was pure love and she continued to stun me further on. A few days later we came to cafe to eat dinner and she was there. She came over and sweetly asked me if I wouldn’t mind another present from her. I was absolutely speechless and all I could say waa “Yes ofcourse.”. With the same excitement and happiness she rushed inside to bring a cute white cardigan with a bit more intricate pattern and gave it to me. She said that she wanted to do one more for me and couldn’t resist from making another after seeing that pattern. She loved that pattern and wanted to do it for me. I was all tears and I just held her and thanked her profusely. I told her that no one has shown that feeling of equal or the love that probably my mom or my grandmother would show on me. After that day i met her only couple of times before I informed her of my decision to deliver Vega in India. She was very keen on seeing Vega and we were supposed to be back to UK and I hoped to show her the baby. Things didn’t work out that way as we moved to Malaysia and I never met her again. She is always in my thoughts and I finally penned down the experience that’s close to my heart.

Anne not only was the kindest woman I met in UK or my life but also the most hardworking and gentle soul. At 75plus she did one of the hardest jobs (waitressing in super market cafe) with a smiling face. Hoping and wishing that she has retired and has chosen to take some time off for her.


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