Review post : Customised hand painted T-shirt by Vandana Nihalani from Rollipolli

Finding an ideal gift for your loved ones are forever challenging as involves lot of thought process. One needs to consider their likes and dislikes and also make the gift memorable and special.

My husband is a big orchid enthusiast and he is very particular about everything related to them. When I decided to buy something for him I knew it has to be related to orchids. I somehow had this feeling that I must get him a T-shirt painted with his favourite orchids as it will be handmade, customised, and very very unique. Also I knew he would not have any idea about it so it would be a awesome surprise.

I knew Vandana from Rollipolli does customised paintwork on T-shirts for special occasions and I immediately contacted her.

Knowing how hard perfect detailing of orchids would be particularly on a T-shirt material I wanted to make sure she was happy to do it. She totally enjoyed the challenge and there began the exchange of ideas and designs.

After sending her appropriate pics of the desired plants she drew a draft like a pencil sketch for my perusal and on confirmation from my end she progressed with the painting.

Orchid flowers are definitely a delight for gardeners but equally for artists too. The flowers are spectacular in patterns and color and very showy. Even the leaves have unique patterns based on the preferred habitat and conditions. If there is any slight variation from the details there are chances that the whole concept can go wrong.

I left everything to her judgement once I told her the three flowers and foliage I wanted. She spent a lot of time finding details about leaf and flower on her own to ensure that the proportions and intricate patterns are matched to the original plant.

She finished the project perfectly in the said time frame and promptly sent it to my by courier along with a cute tutu fridge magnet.

I was astonished at the result as it was even more beautiful that I imagined it to be. Although I was not a fussy customer I was very very demanding on the details.

I was waiting to give it to my husband and know his reaction before writing this review. One because I did not want him to know and two because I wanted to add his reaction too.

According to him Vandana has nailed the details and he was very very happy with the thoughtful gift which was so well done. He is happy that she got the details of the flower stalk, flowers patterns, colors, scaling perfect.

Overall I am happy with her service and we intend to order a few more painting done on frames too. She is more than value for money and if anyone wants a valuable gift done for their family or friends or themselves head to rollipolli page on FB and get in touch with Vandana.


Below is the link to her FB page :

About Vandana šŸ˜

Dr Vandana Nihalani is a homeopath and a reiki healer by qualification but an artist at heart. After the birth of her son, she took a break from practice and began pursuing her passion for art and crafts. She is the owner and artist at where she customizes and creates artwork for people, right from handpainted t-shirts to tutus and canvas paintings.


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