Reminiscing vacations…….#1

As I have neared the end of our vacation rather the children’s vacation I was lost in thought quite a few times. Seeing my mom breaking into tears on and off and grabby reminding how empty the house would be once we leave made me very sad. It reminded me of our childhood days and made me realise how fast time flies. It’s no more about us or about what is our favourite food. It’s the time for the next generation to enjoy the pampering and love by the Mama mami and both set of grandparents and great grandmothers..

Vega always senses something when she sees the big trolley bag getting packed. She knows that someone is going to go somewhere. It does affect her and this time she was demanding everyone to hold and carry her about. She has been a bit more cranky than usual.

Today was one of those very special days as I was getting reconnected to our vacations many many years back. Whenever the tickets would be booked my grandmother would ensure that the meal would be my favourite. That sort of tradition continued even when I visited her in my late twenties.

Today when I saw Vega make my m get up from her nap to make pooris for her I saw my mom sprint to the kitchen and make it from scratch fresh for her. She kept proudly telling everyone how Vega actually asked for it.

More posts coming up on #vacations #memories as I m going to find it hard to cope with babies missing the family making me miss them more.


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