The empty room

We were to catch a train to Bangalore today after having a gala time in Trivandrum. This is were my husband grew up and my in laws live. We had taken Vega and Vihaana to enjoy their vacation at their grandparents home. This is first trip for Vihaana and second for Vega. Being the toddler Vega thoroughly enjoyed exploring the house, the neighbourhood, playing with kids, pampering in the form of food and being carried about, bike rides, fish feeding, and many more activities. This was in the true sense the start of a summe vacation for our little Vega. Vihaana was satisfied with being carried around or kept on the lap and some outings.

So as I sat down in the bedroom finishing the last minute packing I saw the room transform back to as it was before. It returned to the immaculate state it was in when had just arrived. It is such a weird feeling of sadness because the mess indicated that house is full of people and fun. This was the sign that we are leaving and the house will be empty again. There won’t be any clothes and diapers lying about nor empty cups and bowls. There wouldnt be any toy in inappropriate places anymore. When the room will be cleaned MIL may find something left behind which would make them miss us more.

As I sat there staring at the emptiness I reminisced our vacations in my native home of Tanjore and thiruvaiyaru. Me and My husband both have blessed childhood memories spent in our native towns. I remember how we would cry when our parents returned after dropping us and again when we were returning to our home. 2 months would simply fly away.

The last two weeks were full of learning for the evolving toddler in particular. She learnt how to adjust to new surroundings, change of weather, explore and enjoy the more independent and green setting of our home, communicate with neighbours, travel etc. It was heart warming to see the little version of us enjoy the same life we did. It’s sad we had to leave soon but the kids definitely cherished the stay and filled everyone’s heart with love.

The next time we are back the kids would be older and would have moved ahead with milestones but it would be a start of another new journey for them and for us.


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