Birth of V4 aka Vihaana completing our V-Clan! 

Its amazing how time flies. I wanted to blog right from my days of pregnancy when I carried Vega.  I did decide a name too.  Just before I could get started I found out I m pregnant again..  (nearly 2 years of gap in my thinking and selecting a name for blog 😂). So I decided to write more this time round about my days with Vega the toddler and the pregnancy.  Time flew and I made two posts and the second one is in my arms too.  I have decided that it’s about time I start writing before I find these kids in school 😁😁.. 

December has become a sacred month just like October.  Two years back we were blessed with Vega in India and now in December of 2017 with Vihaana in Malaysia .  Our little V Clan is completed with these two naughty princesses.  There has been lot of Contrasting and similar circumstances in my birthing journeys which I will share in separate posts. 

Both were life threatening situations caused due to different reasons and I feel blessed that we survived all those ordeals. With every growing moment I count my blessings and thank god for giving me the support of family and friends.  

I am indebted to few of my friends who encouraged and motivated me again to just write and enjoy the process of recording my journey.  Parenting at this stage (newborn and toddler in a foreign country with no help) is a challenge and we do need moments were we can pen down special moments or challenging moments as the time does fly and we may miss out on many memories.  I m glad we have cameras handy to capture most of the moments but sometimes there are things we would love to just note so we can share.  

I hope I can note all the activities of the babies and our parenting challenges so we can always cherish it laugh or just discuss pointlessly what we could have done better. Lack of sleep and exhaustion coupled with pains of surgery makes you dull,  short tempered , irritated and also lonely.  After giving a lot of thought I decided a positive activity that connects all of us and is a part of my to do list along with benefits of capturing memories and sharing some parenting thoughts will do me good.  I received a lot of encouragement from my friends and I plan to read and write as much as I can with the little time I can squeeze out.  

Since the time I conceived Vega lot of positive things happened in my life in terms of learning new things and making lot of like minded friends.  I have friends of all ages now who connect with me socially on social platforms as they are spread all over the world.  Crochet,  reading,  breastfeeding,  birthing,  babywearing,  gardening,  OPOS way of cooking,  baking,  cloth diapering, knitting,  etc were a few things I learnt post conception.  These things gave me knowledge and friends for life time.  This was the only way I could survive and sustain all the challenges we all faced during her birth.  This left me busy and made me feel confident. The sense of doing right and best for the baby and self empowered me and healed me.  I could connect very deeply with Vega. I m glad my family supported me in these choices.  VThe second pregnancy was much smoother due to all these factors.  I will be writing about these in detail in future posts.  

Signing off with a smile of contentment and gratitude to my friends. 💓💓💓💓💓


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