My friend Katie and her wonderful artwork¡


One of the things I treasure the most in my life are my wonderful friends¡ Meet Katie my friend from UK! Our friendship is unique in its own way as she is much younger than me and extremely talented and beautiful¡ She is very very humble and down to earth person¡ Inspire of being very skilled and talented she is very humble, friendly and helpful¡

We met during our interview with staples although we weren’t formally introduced through time¡ After our induction we became very good friends and discussed everything under the sun¡ It was so nice to talk to someone who thinks alike and has allied perspectives!

Even after I moved out of the city and eventually out of the country we still kept in touch and continued our talks,discussions and creative ideas. She has been a great motivation and also provider of supportive illustration to motivate me to write my blogs.

Finally after so much procrastination I decided to seriously start blogging and this time it took shape due to two reasons:- one my daughter Vega and two Katje¡ Vega provided me the purpose and Katie this artwork for motivation ! I can’t thank her enough for painstakingly drawing all the details about me and my relation with Vega in the above artwork!

She is still a student but inclined to establish herself in this artistic indusyry¡ She has her own instagram page and website. To contact her use these following links



Thank you Katie for this! I am eternally grateful¡

logo artwork white background.png






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