From Vega-ki-amma to A mother’s pensieve!!!!

This is my first post for this blog and first one after ages! Although I have previously blogged about my rendezvous with nature and wild trips this is the first time I will share with you all an even more interesting journey of my life. After more than a decade of being away from blogging and writing I have mustered back courage and tried to stop procrastinating! I have been meaning to write since the time I was pregnant! But hectic work and crocheting during free time left me with no time to sit up and write! After the birth it became very challenging and tough as I had a very light sleeping and clingy baby along with moving to different countries! I was practically on my own dealing with the toddler and house work sparing me no time! However with encouragment and motivation from lot of my mommy and non mommy friends I decided to take the plunge and get started..

The blog post title I chose here is to talk to you about the first title I chose for this blog . I could not retain it and had to change it owing to a beautiful factor! So allow me to share the story right from its name.

My daughter’s name is Vega and I go by the name of Vega-ki-amma practically everywhere! I found that name interesting, personal, special, unique, gifted and cute too! It also has a humour value and a touch of warmth! Once I decided to write a blog I decided to stick to this name and found the title readily available! The same week while I was busily reading about WordPress and discussing with a creative illustrator friend about logo for the blog I was confirmed pregnant again! Although we were not expecting it , it was a wonderful news for us! That moment I realized I won’t just be Vega ki amma and it would not be fair to create a new one for the next baby or keep this for both of them! I wanted to start my writing and sharing journey about my entire motherhood which would also mean fairness! I wanted to go for something that then lets me connect being a mother , my thoughts, and something I am passionate/crazy about! I am a big harry potter fan and found I have found solace in the books for last many many years! Even during pregnancy and post pregnancy I must have read them plenty of times ! I incorporated my love for harry potter with my vision and purpose of writing and chose the above name! Coincidentally I also became close to a blogger/instagrammer friend who is a big fan of hp  me. Her blog features the pensieve too! It felt like a Providence approving my choice! I discussed with my closest friends and they all loved it!

So here you  are my dear readers.. my first post is my first attempt to share a memory out of my pensieve. Hope you all enjoy all the joys and challenges I manage to share out here! Thank you for your patience !

Lots of love 😍






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